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Today’s marketplace is full to the brim, you can pretty much get anything out there whether it be a Pet Psychologist for a parrot that swears a lot or whether it’s an electric shaver that talks to you on a morning and gives you the emotional support on those cold winter mornings.

These days a company can provide you with just about anything, so the real challenge is to stand out from the crowd. Telecoms companies can provide systems, data, lines, call, pretty much anything. Long since gone of the days of carrier pigeons, we can pretty much grab anything, right even from the cloud, even when the sun is out no longer do we base our decisions based on what Dave told us down the pub.

We all surf the web, but how can we determine whether beneath us are sharks or dolphins?

Well, no we’re not going to sing them a song. We’re just going to show them our greatest accomplishments, and what is our greatest accomplishment? Well, it is our customers and them being happy with the service that we provided.

These days one tiny negative comment on a social media platform can have such a dramatic effect. Because at the end of the day, bad news travels fast. One thing to do in this saturated marketplace is really bringing you closer to your customers and the best way to do that is through authenticity.

So testimonials are really powerful, and yes text testimonials written on your website can be great, but why not use a video to tell the story? It’s a lot more personable. At the end of the day it puts a face to the praise, the key is to make this experience as genuine as possible.

The first port of call is to pick somebody who is suitable for the mission, someone who is willing to wax lyrical about how great the company is.

One great thing to do to make sure you have the chosen one is to do a preemptive phone call. So, interview them over the phone and really get a flavour for what type of person they are, if they overuse the word “nice” and are pretty boring, we don’t want to be using them.

Remember, treat them softly, this doesn’t need to turn into a hard hitting interview.

It’s great to get some key messages across don’t make it really rigid and hard hitting, you’re not Jeremy Paxman. You want to get light hearted, fluffy and a really positive vibe to the interview.

Once you’ve created a safe place for them to express their views and had a cup of a tea. Then really get it off to a good foot in. We want to keep it quite relaxed to start off with.

Start off with by asking them what problem they had and why they ended up turning to you. Indirectly they should heap you with praise.

The third thing you want to do is really delve a little deeper and find out specifically what your product did for them. Hopefully you might get that gold-plated quote that stands up in lights.

Now we’ve got the gold plated view, we need some more general points on the day to day things that really helped with your product or service. Because at the end of the day, time is one of the most important things we have. Whether you now have more time to watch Netflix boxsets or attend your children birthday. Time is of the essence.

So while you’re discussing the service your clients receive, it’s always good if you can a little name drop in there because it makes it a lot more personable. By naming someone
specific, it really gives them that hero status and allows the viewer to connect with them.

One thing I like to throw in at the end of the interview is to directly ask them if they would recommend your company, because this in turn will raise their own integrity and the reputation of their company.

So what should come out should be really authentic and powerful and the viewer should be able to recognise this.

Once you’ve got all this great content I guess the final thing to do is open it up to them, have a chat, is there anything else they want to add. This tends to lead to a story. It could be one particular thing, one little gem that you maybe hadn’t of considered.

But now that you’ve had your cuppa with them, you’ve had your full interview, and you’ve got to know them so much better. This often leads to a lot more positive responses, because you’ve now made a connection with your interviewee. So keep going, have a chat and see what comes out.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this video and to sit along side it, we’ve got some downloadable content that will give you the seven key questions to help you get the most out of your interviewee.

Thanks for watching, best luck with the future.

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