If you are putting time, effort and money into your events, it is only right you should give them the best exposure possible. The excitement of a corporate event gathering momentum can build and build weeks before the actual date. Unfortunately, this excitement can often wear off soon after the event, especially if there is no permanent record.

Which is why your event needs video!

Hard work should be rewarded, and achievements should be noticed. At Seven, we have covered awards ceremonies, annual events, speeches and team-building exercises, among many others, all of which have benefitted from a good video production.

Investing in people is important, any manager knows that. Knowing that team success will be recognised is essential for keeping your workforce on track and motivated. We find a lot of companies use video purely for these reasons.

Filming brings a professional touch to any occasion, whether it is the annual awards, or just somebody’s birthday. Make sure you capture all the best bits.

One of the most difficult parts of organising an event is finding a date that everyone can make. The bigger the event the harder this becomes. But at least with a recorded video package there is the next best thing for those that had double booked.

It is so easy to share video that by the morning, everyone in the office will be discussing the night before – even if they weren’t there!

Team events can be shared among other levels in the company too. This has in the past been useful for showing bosses what is happening in other areas of the business, despite them being at the other end of the country. What would usually take a day – or even a week – out of a busy schedule, can be chopped and edited into several minutes of video for anyone to see.

There is no shortage of uses for a good video. We find ourself surprised at the range of briefs we receive and the creativity that goes into some of the projects. It is always rewarding knowing that at the end of a shoot you have achieved something, as a team, that will be enjoyed for years to come.

An event is something special, that should be celebrated, so make the most of yours with video.

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