Event videos are great, they’re as versatile as a swiss army knife!

After an event has come to a close the buzz can quickly subside but with a film crew on hand capturing every last detail of the day your options for dispelling the post-event blues are endless.

To make sure you have maximum impact, it is wise to view the event through several different pairs of glasses.

Here are seven examples of event videos.

Highlight Video

A cameraman picking up all the details of the day from start to finish. This gives plenty of options for creating a highlight video which is excellent for promoting next year’s event or further reinforcing the success of the current one. This is a great medium for attracting new attendees to join the club!

Sponsorship Video

The great thing with creating a highlight video is that it really captures the spirit of the day. It can be used to showcase the event to potential investors and also acts of proof as how well the event has done in the past.

Exhibitor Video

So we have attracted sponsorship and attendees but this also works as a great recruitment tool for exhibitors. If they see their competitors reflected well in the piece this may encourage them to get involved. It also shows them the vast amount of people that attend your event and get’s them thinking about all those sales opportunities.

Same Day Edit’s

Editors on site. This gives you the option for the same day edit which can be showcased at the event these go down really well with the attendees because they spot themselves and reflect on the great time they’ve had!


Several cameramen filming the guest speakers. This is ideal for documenting the content and sharing the content with others who were unable to attend via webinars.

Award Videos

If the event in question has an award ceremony then this is a perfect thing to capture. This can be sent out to the nominees and used on your social media, this does a lot for your credibility!

Social Media Videos

Interviews are also an excellent addition to event videos. If you can set up small vox pops of people talking about the event or promoting it then this is perfect for short social media videos to keep the buzz going till your next event. The key is to ask some simple questions to a number of different people and try to get authentic answers. This can be achieved by building a rapport with your interviewees.
Examples of questions:

  • What is the one thing you have learned today that you will take home with you?
  • Who was the most inspiring guest speaker?
  • What would you say to anyone considering attending the event next year?

In Summary, events are the gifts that keep on giving from a video perspective.It is our responsibility as events organisers and video producers to maximise our output.

If we can harness our different options then with the power of the internet and more specifically social media we can create a buzz and a level of engagement that can continue long after the event itself.

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