A company video in an introduction, a handshake, a smile, a welcome to you and your company.

First of all, you need to find the right tone.

There’s a number of different routes to go down. I’d suggest authenticity is the best place to start.

Let’s imagine you’re on a first date, you don’t just burst into the restaurant and list your greatest achievements straight off the bat. “My car is german, my IQ is higher than Einstein’s, I once lived in Africa for a year to build a well for some children”.

It is much more powerful if you convey your stature and impressive qualities through actions rather than a CV.

This also applies to producing a company video for your website. When potential customers are investigating your website they want to know about the people behind the brand as well as your facts and figures.

Here are a couple of ideas for content

  • History of the company
  • Interviewing Your staff (use their stories to drive your story line) Capture their personalities
  • Real interactions taking place on your site
  • Footage of your processes coupled with what sets you apart.
  • Animation and Voice Overs can be useful tools for a company video think personable, does it reflect the character and brand of your company?
  • Examples of Company Videos

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History is very useful tool for getting across the traditions and makeup of a company. In this video we produced, we have a very proud Director Adrian Simpkin who describes the quality of his sweets with a certain confidence. The tone may be slightly off-putting for certain individuals but coupled with the detailed heritage of the company and some nice visuals the story certainly comes through which gives an authentic feel to the piece.

Simpkins is a company that has been trading for just short of one hundred years and their main selling point is that the sweets they produce are still made by the traditional methods.

During the pre-production stage, we felt it was imperative that the history and processes of the business were the main focus of the video. The style of the interview, set design and filming techniques were all used to back up the USP’s of the Simpkins Brand.

After all, people buy from people so we wanted potential customers to feel like they were getting a unique insight into the way the sweets are produced.


Animations can be a very useful tool when it comes to videos, especially for FAQ’s and explaining a product. It’s is not always the favoured method of introducing yourself to your customers for the first time. This is because it’s nice to get across a human feel so the customer has somebody to identify with.

However, there are exceptions to the rule. Companies like google have huge budgets to be able to hone their concepts and ideas into unique animation content.

We’ve all heard the stories about how brilliant it is to be part of the Google family. Just look at the movie made about it. The playful colours and childlike animations they use on their search engine really have an endearing quality.

So an animation would really need to pull out all the stops to maintain alignment with their brand and ethos. This video they produced has all the childlike charm you could wish for, it reminds me of Kevin Mccallister’s blueprints from home alone. The music, the colours, the fast moving shaky camera all works and brings the timeline of their company to life!

Another great company video produced by google was entitled “Google interns’ first week.”

Of course, this was to show their fantastic internship opportunities and experiences but it also indirectly makes a fantastic company video. After All, Richard Branson said

If a client believes you are creating a fantastic environment for your employees they are more likely to trust you to treat them with the same respect.

This particular video clearly has a great production team working on the project. After watching this video your approval of the brand goes up tenfold.

Sometimes talking head videos can be become stale but this video is full of inspired individuals talking passionately about the company.

They pick a range of different people from different backgrounds telling their stories which come across really authentic, this paints google in a very positive light.

The cuts seem very natural but the pace keeps you engaged. They have also used footage from Inspired leaders interacting with the interns which give strong feelings of relationships – (the very thing that makes us human).

There are common threads and stories attached to each individual, you really feel like you’re on the journey with them throughout the programme.

This content is also paired with beautiful imagery detailing the bright and colourful environments the interns get to work in. The personality of the company really comes through. Rather than focusing on the statistics and success of the company, the video heavily focuses on the fun elements describing the feelings attached to being part of the club.

All in all a company video should feel inclusive. You should want to shake their hand, you should want to come back!

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