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I don’t know about you but I like to try before I buy! Think about it, you wouldn’t buy a £10,000 car without giving it a test drive. The last thing you want to do is sign all the paperwork then get 2 miles down the road and the wheel falls off!

Well, unfortunately, we can’t do that with all the products we buy when so much of our consumerist behaviour takes place online.

Working in the video industry I’m constantly excited about the latest technologies and products emerging, especially in the 360-degree camera market and anything I can use on the go.

When targeted marketing first appeared on the scene I used to feel like I had a stalker and believe me, no one has ever wanted to follow me around so this was a weird feeling.

I soon got over this when I started to realise how many great videos started appearing for so many cool new camera products. The only problem is now I’m being reminded all the time I can’t afford them!

This got me to thinking, how much of the impact was down to the fact I could actually see the products on the go, been showcased to their maximum potential?

Well, the short answer is massive!


Victorinox is the company that brought us the swiss army knife. Their whole identity is based on innovation and providing solutions.

Well, that means nothing if you can’t actually see their products in action. Although their products are beautifully elegant in design we need to see their functionality!

Their unique approach to design covers a multitude of different products mainly associated with the great outdoors and the travelling industry.

All their products are benefited by video content hence their vast amounts of videos produced in a number of different languages.

The videos show their functionality and the medium is perfect for spreading the word.

This first video is very slick, it uses a combination of fast pace music, graphics and artistic filmmaking to produce a quick watchable video that is perfect for illustrating the benefits of the product without you having to commit. Although there is no human interaction with the design features, a video enables a lot more features to be covered in a pleasing way rather than using a series of stills. We a captivated and engrossed.

The second video certainly has the human quality. It shows a variety of different people packing essentially the same bag which shows the product is for everyone no matter what the occasion. Using several examples in the same sequence gives the illusion that the bag is way bigger than it actually is. It clearly and concisely (with the aid of graphics) physically showcases the main benefits of the product.

When we travel, packing a bag is something we all have to do and we all do in our own way. What a video allows us to do is put ourselves in the position of the people packing, it becomes immersive and we visualise ourselves using the product, would this work for us?

This is a lot more powerful than just viewing a series of stills.

All in all, video brings a product to life, showcasing all of its benefits in a quick and easy fashion, bringing your customers closer to you!

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