Entering the world of work can be a daunting step for recent graduates, especially for those looking to break into an industry as competitive as media. Luckily, around the time that I graduated from my course in Experimental Film Production at Staffordshire University, Seven Video Productions were looking to expand their team by taking on a full-time video editor.

Joining Seven Video Productions as a video editor was a perfect opportunity for me in many ways. As a keen editor, it would allow me to build on my editing skills, to become familiar with new tools and software, and to apply these skills to a variety of creative projects. However, as a Yorkshire lad, it was also very reassuring to know that there was such a promising career opportunity that was so local to me, despite the popular belief that these opportunities only existed in cities like Manchester or London.

Upon joining the team, the boys at Seven Video Productions made me feel very welcome. They’re a friendly bunch, and always a joy to work alongside. They also value my creative input, and I am often asked to contribute ideas to projects. Seven Video Productions also put a lot of focus on the growth, development, and wellbeing of their employees, which is very important to me. Having recently graduated, I wanted to join a company that would recognize my ambitions and support me on that journey. As I continue to work at Seven Video Productions, not only are my skills improving, but my confidence is building, and I’m continuing to move in the direction that I want to.

As a video editor, my roles and responsibilities include importing and organizing video and audio footage, syncing interview footage, and producing first assemblies, rough cuts, and final cuts of a variety of videos. This can be a creatively challenging but also liberating role, as it is up to me to shape stories, and tell them in away that achieves each client’s goals, but also engages audiences in an entertaining and emotional way. In this role, I’m a storyteller. One of the best things about this role is that every project is different, and brings with it its own challenges. It’s really rewarding to see these videos come together, and to see the impact that they have.

As a video editor, it’s incredibly rewarding to play such an integral role in every production. Despite my youth, the team at Seven Video Productions recognize my experience, and have given me a great amount of responsibility, making me feel like a valued member of the company. At Seven Video Productions, we’ve told hundreds of different stories, and every day brings with it a new story, with new characters, and new opportunities to be creative.

The future is looking really bright for us at Seven Video Productions, and it seems like there’s no better time to be a member of the team. I’ve already learned so much during my time working for the company, and I can feel myself continuing to grow and develop, not only as a video editor, but as a person. Having only recently graduated from University, my experience so far at Seven Video Productions has allowed me to take the first step on an exciting, challenging, but very rewarding journey.

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