Company Profile
NTA was founded in 2001 by the current owner and Managing Director Paul White. It was in 2005 that White first had the idea to venture into the Hosted Telephony market by building and developing his own platform, fast forward 13 years and NTA are now known as one of the most disruptive players in this space. NTA’s core values are we believe the best in the industry, by this we mean offering fantastic support in from both our sales and telephone account management teams and our help desk support staff are driven to provide an unrivalled customer experience. NTA also offers a true partner/vendor relationship all backed up with our strategy of being an only channel focused business.

The Unique Selling Points
NTA’s model is different to most vendors, you can completely white label the portal even down to the subdomain name for logging into the portal, therefore the service looks completely as if it is owned an operated by you. We have a variety of propositions for resellers and dealers however our most disruptive one is not selling on a Per Seat basis so margins can be maximised. We also offer the capability to connect any handset to our platform and all handsets will self-provision.

The benefits to the reseller
The main benefit and the one most resellers are generally most interested in is how can they make money out of our service. Our resellers tell us they make margins of 80% plus gross profit, this is achieved by not paying us on a Per Seat license fee. Resellers will also have the flexibility of most traditional PBX features and of course an ever-growing list of new solutions, features, and functionality with roadmap provided by our development team.

How Can We Help You?

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