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What is a company video?

A company video in an introduction, a handshake, a smile, a welcome to you and your company. First of all, you need to find the right tone. There’s a number of different routes to go down. I’d suggest authenticity is the best place to start. Let’s imagine you're on a...

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Where should you host your videos?

Do you like hosting your own parties? Are you a bit of a control freak? Or maybe you thrive on being self-reliant, The only way to ensure a job gets done properly is by doing it yourself, you say. Well in fact, when it comes to hosting your videos online it couldn’t...

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Video Marketing Predictions for 2017

I think it’s fair to say that video is becoming a universal language. Its foundation is built on communication and the sharing of ideas. With the exciting supersonic developments in technologies, a video will go from strength to strength. It is difficult to escape the...

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The 7 Misconceptions Of Video

The seven misconceptions of video. #1 It’s expensive. People always moan, I can’t afford that! What’s the return on investment? Well to be honest there’s many different ways to skin a cat and what I mean by that is video is something that is very editable.

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