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Who Are Seven?

We are a creative bunch who have a passion for storytelling, we specialise in video production for corporate and events. We are based in Tadcaster, just outside of York. We believe that this passion of ours is fundamental to creating engaging video content. We ensure our video productions are relevant and add value whatever the message or the method, be it your website, social media or an event. By telling your story, the videos we make allow your customers, staff or any audience to engage and connect with you. Learn more about our corporate video production & event video production services by following the link below.

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TV Creation

Videos For Marketing

People buy people and when face to face selling is not possible a video can be about your company including the key people can be a great substitute. Check out our corporate video production services today, we will help you use video to clearly represent your brand and the vision your trying to put across to your target audience. Learn More About Video Marketing


Videos To Explain

Sometimes having product photography and listing the technical specs of your product isn't enough especially in a corporate environment. A good quality video detailing the key benefits and features of your product can help you convert more sales online or teach your customers how to make best use of your product or service. Our video production services can help you succeed. Explainer Videos


Videos For Events

Event's are exciting, energetic and fun. Sometimes your event needs more than just photographs. They do say a picture is worth a 1,000 words but they also say a video is worth 1,000,000 words. Why not have our team come and film your event with our exclusive Event Video Production services.

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The Response To Our Creations


Our Video Production Process

Over the past five years, we have refined our process to enable us to produce excellent quality videos, which deliver results. Our video production services have been increasing in quality over the past 5 years and now we believe we are one of the best in the industry.

We have a clear vision from the start, and what we will achieve. If this isn’t in place from the outset, we can’t accurately track whether a video has been a success.

We begin by getting a full understanding of what our client does, what issues they are facing and what their goals are as a business. If we get a real understanding of our customers, it allows us to offer real solutions to their problems and help achieve their goals.

If we get this right from the start, everything we do will fall into place to create an engaging video.

Once we have a good idea of what a client is after, our creative team get to work on putting together ideas on how to ensure all their goals are met.

We would then put together a proposal that explains the idea, what the plan is and the expected results. Having a clear plan from the start is essential in maximising ROI.

Pre-production is an essential part in producing videos; this is where we turn our ideas into a clear, structured plan on what we will do. This is to ensure we are as efficient as possible when producing any video.

In this stage, we will outline the following

  • Key Messages
  • Location
  • People
  • Purpose
  • Plot

All of our filming is carried out by a highly skilled crew with excellent experience and we use industry standard equipment.

We pride ourselves on putting our clients at ease on camera; we understand how daunting filming can be, and we do our best to keep everyone calm and comfortable throughout the filming process.

The Key To Our Video Production Services

The key to producing an engaging video is to get authentic and genuine responses from the person on camera. This allows the audience to build an emotional connection, which results in a more engaged viewer.

This is where the magic happens; we turn hours of footage into a short and engaging video.

We integrate motion graphics into each video, as well as colour grading and sound editing to ensure you receive a high-quality video.

Once completed, we will send our video for final feedback and revisions to the client.

What is Video Production & How Our Process Can Help Your Business Grow

Video production is the process of making or creating a video. There are different types of videos including corporate video, marketing video, explainer video, video testimonials, animated video, films among others. The production process of these videos may slightly vary, but the overall process remains the same. The three subcategories of the process are;
– Pre-Video Production
– Video Production
– Post-Video Production


Is the stage when planning takes place. No recording will be held during this process. It exclusively includes preparation alone. This helps understand the plan of action whether it be an event that you wanted filming or a corporate meeting/video. With the preparation, there is the formation of an idea, the writing of the script, selection of the cast and the choosing of the film and audio crew members. Everything is well-organized for the process of recording, this also includes recce sites, storyboarding the video and much more. This all helps streamline our video production process.


Finally, the video production process can begin once pre-production has been signed off. We will come along to the event or wherever we have set the filming to take place whether it is a corporate office or just a hotel or even a car park (the location does not matter). Once the shot list and script has been created the crew will then go off to each location and film every scene until they are satisfied. Once the team has finished in one place, they must take down and set up once again to the next location and carry on until the filming has been completed.


Post production is everything that happens once the filming has been finalised, a lot of this stage is editing the video. This may also include editing audio, create special effects and motion graphics. This is the last stage of the video production process and can also be the most time consuming because we work off the feedback that is provided to us by your business or the event organisers, so ensuring that we provide the best quality of service and a speedy video production we try to make sure the feedback loops are kept precise.

A professional and quality video production involve much more than just the recording done by the camera operator. Many individuals and companies may not have the knowledge or the experience in filmmaking. But they can always get professional video production services from businesses that do exclusively that. With these services the companies have a chance to enhance their image and also showcase the products and services, they are selling.